Questioning how collaboration can work

Questioning how collaboration can work
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This post was originally published on Medium on Sept. 16, 2016.

No really, a literal list of questions I’m thinking about when it comes to collaboration. (By no means exhaustive, just the most prominent right now.)


  • How do we define collaboration? (Actual joint work on a story, coordinated coverage of a topic, trading stories useful to each other, all of the above, etc.)


  • What is the primary hurdle for a newsroom considering initiating a collaboration?
  • How challenging is it for most newsrooms to find appropriate partners?
  • What is the level of challenge around finding and using the appropriate tools that work for all partners?
  • What is the pain point in the planning process?
  • What level of resources are needed for creating mutual agreements that guide the collaboration?


  • How often does communication have to happen?
  • How is trust established and maintained?
  • How do we prevent imbalances in resources and skills from allowing the more powerful newsroom dominate their partner?
  • How do we help ensure mutual benefits to partners?
  • How can editorial workflows help the process rather than slow it down?
  • How do partners adapt their normal editorial “chain of command” to include content/reporters from outside the chain?


  • What kind of rubric can be used to assess the success of a collaborative project?
  • How do we make sure that all parties get credit for the pageviews, attention and impact of a collaborative story?
  • How can newsrooms casually and constantly stay connected about potential areas of future collaboration?

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