Get In Touch

The internet is a wild place lately in terms of what platforms to use. Here's a rundown of where you can find me.

Twitter  - yeah, I know it's a bit of a dumpster fire but, well, the account already exists so...

LinkedIn - I don't keep this as up-to-date as I probably should but hey! that's what this site is for.

Facebook - not gonna lie, all I really do here is post snarky memes and keep up with old friends.

Instagram - this is where I mostly share creative, non-work projects. It's on private because I really can't take one more DM asking me about sponsorship opportunities but request a follow and I'll add you!

Medium - I'm copying my articles from Medium to this site but the originals will continue to live there as an archive.

Pinterest - laugh all you want but this really is one of the most accessible and expansive platforms for seeing all the creative things people are capable of. A well curated Pinterest feed can be a beautiful thing.

Mastodon - I'm super new here so it's pretty quiet.

Blue Sky - seriously, I can't keep up with everything

Slack - I've lost count of how many different community Slacks I'm a part of it but it wouldn't shock me if we're both already in the same one. See you in the channels!

(Off the top of my head: News Nerdery, NPA, DEI Coalition, Future of Local News, Gather, The Cohort, Tiny News Collective...)

I suppose I could share my old Tumblr profile but then I'd really be reaching back in time so maybe I'll skip that for now.